iOS Releases Abound for Giddy Gamers

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Gaming on the iOS platform is awesome. While there are a few duds a number of games are extremely addictive. Two at the top of the list are:

While both of these top ranking games feature poultry no feathered creatures were harmed in the writing of this post.

The developers behind these winged gems, Rovio and Andreas Illiger, have new apps launching today!!

The Amazing Alex

This fresh new physics puzzle app features a blonde-haired, blue-eyed kid with a penchant for creativity. With 100 levels, 35 interactive objects and the ability to build and share your own levels, The Amazing Alex looks very promising.

Tiny Wings 2

First off, if you’re already a gaming fan of Tiny Wings, the iPhone app is not a sequel, but rather a free update. There will also be an HD version for the iPad that is $2.99.

Tiny Wings 2 preserves the first iteration of the game while adding a Chapter 2: Flight School where you have the option of playing as 4 different birds and racing against AI opponents. Also, the iPad HD version features Chapter 3: Hill Party and enables split screen multiplayer mode.

What was the last game you got addicted to?


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4 responses to iOS Releases Abound for Giddy Gamers

  1. I am still addicted to World of Warcraft, waiting for a mobile version!!!

  2. Amazing Alex looks errr… amazing. I’m going to give it a shot. 

  3. I’ve tried Tiny Wings and just can’t get the hang of the stinking thing. LOL I was hoping for something to replace my Angry Birds and Where’s My Water addiction. Oh well, I’ll keep looking. 

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