Geek Giveaway Day 4: 25 Dollar iTunes Giftcard

Posted by Matthew Snider with 23 Comments

It’s day four of our week long giveaway extravaganza and so far we have given you something specific for your iDevice.

Today we wanted to bring to you an option to do with as you please.

We want to give you 25 dollars to put towards whatever you may want. An itunes giftcard can be used for anything!

Music, Apps for the iPhone or iPad, whatever you want to do. I personally would stock up on some new tunes, but you get to do whatever you want!

Hit up the jump on how to win and make sure you come back tomorrow for more great giveaways here on Geek for i!


Enter to win a 25 dollars to add ANYTHING to your iDevice!

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It’s that easy! Just remember your entries do NOT count if you do not leave a comment below!

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Matthew is the Editor-In-Chief, and founder of Geek for i. He has produced such posts as Top 5 iPhone Apps For The BathroomMac or PC and many more. His love for iDevices started back when he purchased the original iPhone.

23 responses to Geek Giveaway Day 4: 25 Dollar iTunes Giftcard

  1. I can finally get the FarmVille credits! Joking. As much as I love iTunes giftcards it takes me forever to decide what to use them on.

  2. MUSIC makes my iPhone sound a lot nicer! Yeah baby!

  3. Music makes my Iphone very happy. So If I win, I will be happy and so will my phone.

  4. Would totally buy Matt Chandler’s new book with this!

  5. We live in such a small city I don’t have much travel time to and from work at all and with our kids active lives we don’t have a whole lot of time for music. Sad for me to say since my former love was music, even majored in music at tOSU.

    Today I usually buy apps and like Brandon above, I save my iTunes cash until I’m 100% sure I want what I want. Kind of funny really when you think about the fact that I’m “haggling” in my mind over .99¢. :-)

    Now my son is into baseball and I’m looking for a scorebook app because the coach wants me to keep the books as my volunteer duty for the team. I’ve never done anything like that before and it looks a bit confusing so I’m looking for any app that can help. All of them seem to be about $10 so I am REALLY hesitant to commit to something. This would help defer the cost and maybe give me enough gumption to buy the app(s).

  6. I love itunes cards!!

  7. New music is always fun. With a gift card I am more likely to take a chance on a new artist.

  8. I’m looking to buy Numbers for my iPad. This would help! :)

  9. All three of my kids have iDevices. I sure could use this!

  10. Could always use a few more apps!

  11. Show me the Cheddar, Apps and music are always loved.

  12. I can’t wait to buy more rap music with this gift card. Thanks!

  13. That’ll buy some Yo Gabba Gabba seasons for my 2 year old. Gonna need em for our west coast trip

  14. awesome!! i could use a ton of new apps for my ipad!! :)

  15. Photography apps are my weakness. :)

  16. I want to buy the 1910 version of TTR and download a new album. Here’s hoping…

  17. iPad apps are my weakness. :)

  18. I’m sure I could figure out another way to waste time on my iPhone if I had twenty-five more dollars to play with.

  19. Aye! This ole gal could download her favorite oldies tunes to her MP3 player. You tech savy young-uns are laughing now but when I am floating around my swimming pool this summer chilling out to my odies tunes who will have the last laugh then? Tis I . :)

  20. Itunes card is like gold coins on mario!

  21. I need new music on my iPhone before I start my new workout regimen!!!

  22. Love me some iTunes music. :0

  23. Could definitely use this for a couple of apps I’ve been waiting to drop in price.

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