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    iPhone 5 display problems after installing iOS 7 beta 1

    I bought iPhone 5 with the thought that it would provide me with good service. In fact, it did. Now since I have installed iOS 7 Beta 1 on it there are some display issues that have started erupting. The display has become blurred and the clarity is quite less. Please provide some solution for this.

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    Re: iPhone 5 display problems after installing iOS 7 beta 1

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...........................

    1.This was the problem of the display drivers.

    2.Along with the iOS the Display drivers also install.

    3.They may be not installed correctly so you are facing this problem.

    4.So you try to go to the Main menu and then to the settings.

    5.There you perform the Restore to fix your display problems.

    6.Still if you have any problem then it is your display hardware so you have to get it repaired.

    Have a nice day............................................

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    Re: iPhone 5 display problems after installing iOS 7 beta 1

    Dear friend...

    The problem may have been because of:-

    >>Uncompatibility of the app with the o.s you are running.

    >>Virus issue.

    >>Updation of the app. or the i-os required.

    Try these out for troubleshoot.

    >>Update the i-os and app to.

    >>If it still doesn't work, go for downloading the new and compatible version.

    >>Install the new version,using recommended settings.

    >>Keep scanning your devices for detecting possible threat causing stuffs.

    >>If newer versions of app. are not available, go for downgrading of i-os to use those apps.

    thank you and happy to help you

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    Re: iPhone 5 display problems after installing iOS 7 beta 1

    Dear friend....

    As is evident from your question prior the upgrading there were no such issues.

    The causes of your problem may be:-

    >>The updates may have created the problem.

    >>Corrupted i-o.s may be second problem.

    >>A virus attack may be another issue.

    Go for the following as troubleshoots:-

    >>Scan the device using registered anti-virus .

    >>Restart the device and now check.

    >>If still the problem exists, it is feared that you have corrupted i-os installed.

    >>Go for updating / reinstalling the i-os.

    >>You can also check for a reset.

    >>For resetting :-

    ->Go to Main Menu first.

    ->Now tap on Settings icon.

    ->There Tap on General Settings option.

    ->Now tap on Reset option there.

    ->Under Reset option tap on Restore all content.

    This will do a reset for your device. .

    >>After a restart check the status of your issue..

    >>If still not no improvement is there then, Go for downgrading to previous version of o.s

    >>As per your device's specification the o.s is not efficiently function able.

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