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    End call option not working properly in iPhone 5

    This is kinda temporary problem and doesn’t happen all time but it really irritates me to the core. Whenever I wanted to end the call I use tap the red color End call button but it won’t respond at all and the screen goes off and on for some time and only gets disconnected when the receiver ends the call. Why this is happening? How to fix the issue?

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    matamanju Array
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    Re: End call option not working properly in iPhone 5

    Hello Friend,

    First of all Backup phone to iTunes and then erase all content and settings.

    Then start using phone just like when you received it.

    Without restoring from a backup.

    Again do not restore any backup.

    Feel free to make a test phone call here to make you feel better about the time investment in syncing.

    Go back iTunes and sync with your apps, photos, music etc...

    This steps will help for you

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    Chintu helper Array
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    Re: End call option not working properly in iPhone 5

    Hello Guest,

    Follow these steps to solve your problem
    -> First of all go to MAIN MENU
    -> Now select SETTING option
    -> Now select GENERAL SETTING option
    -> Now select RESET option
    -> Now in the end select RESET ALL SETTING option
    -> After few seconds your phone restarts so, Don't disturb it
    -> If your problem not solved the try to update your device software through iTunes
    -> Now your problem is surely solved,
    Thank you...

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