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    Canít connect to Wifi network in iPhone 5

    I have iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.3 and when I tried to connect to my Wifi network it keep on connecting to wifi network and then after few minutes it says ďUnable to connect to networkĒ.I tried again but it still keep on loading and loading sometimes it doesnít even display error message.I tried to reset both iPad and wireless router but after that same problem again.

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    Re: Canít connect to Wifi network in iPhone 5

    Hi Dear,

    It is not a big problem Friend, i will help you to solve the issue.

    ++++ Follow this instructions as suggested ++++

    **** Go to Settings options in main menu

    **** Then Tab to General option.

    **** Now select Reset option there.

    **** Then Tab to Reset All Network Settings.

    **** Press OK to complete Reset process.

    **** After completing reset, Restart the iPhone.

    **** This will Fix the problem.

    **** That's it you are done.

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    Re: Canít connect to Wifi network in iPhone 5

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> Firstly You Need To Open The Setting Option In The iPad
    >> Then Open The WiFi And Network
    >> And Disable The WiFi
    >> Now Open The Clear Cache App And Clear Cache And Data From All The Apps
    >> Now Restart The iPad
    >> After That Enable The WiFi And Try To Connected With The Available Network And Enter The Correct Password
    >> Then WiFi Will Be Connected And Start The Working.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    Re: Canít connect to Wifi network in iPhone 5


    The problem might be occurring because:-

    -The wifi settings were not saved by you.
    -The wifi credentials have changed.
    -The settings have reverted back to default after upgrade.

    The solution to your problem is:-

    -Go to the settings of your iPhone.
    -Reset the network settings to default.
    -Configure the network settings and save them.
    -Make sure you are entering the correct authentication credentials.
    -If problem persists,check the router.

    Hope your problem will be solved.

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    Re: Canít connect to Wifi network in iPhone 5


    You need to Reset the network settings:

    1. Open the "settings" option from it.

    2. Now here select the "General" option.

    3. Once it opens, you select the "Reset".

    4. Here you tap "Reset network settings" on your device.

    5. This will come back the original settings.

    6. Else Reboot or software backup and restore to see if either of those fixes
    the WiFi issue.


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    Re: Canít connect to Wifi network in iPhone 5

    Hello Friend,

    Your device needs to the rebooting,

    1.First of all please go to the ''home screen'' in your device,

    2.After this open the ''settings'' and go to the ''general'' option,

    3.Then open the reset settings option and ''reset all'' the settings in your device,

    4.Now restart your device and go to the settings and turn on the wifi and search the network,

    5.After this connect the searching wifi network and you use the normally wifi in your device,

    6.I hope this information use full to you,

    I am brar,

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