Why Dads Will Love FaceTime

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facetimeThis last weekend my wife was out of town for a ladies getaway so our little girl and I had a lot of time to hang out.

Now I’m a fairly competent father so EJ was dressed, fed and went to bed at a reasonable hour. We had fun playing toys and cuddling on the couch watching a penguin movie.

Unfortunately, as little girls will tend to do, EJ started getting fussy for Mommy around bedtime.

The trouble was that she couldn’t call Mommy because my wife didn’t have cell reception at the beach house.

However, Mommy did happen to have Wifi so FaceTime came to the rescue.

We were able to chat with Mommy face-to-face for a few minutes and little EJ got to say goodnight and “I love you, Mommy”. After that I tucked her into bed safe and sound without a peep.

Dads can hold their own, but sometimes only a Mommy moment will do. I was so glad we have iPhones so that we could avoid a bedtime meltdown.

Have you ever used FaceTime (or Skype) on a mobile device?
When was the last time technology saved your bacon as a parent?


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4 responses to Why Dads Will Love FaceTime

  1. My wife is going to China on business for 10 days at the end of this month and I expect lots of Facetiming during those days. I love me some Facetime. It really is breathtaking technology.

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