The Facebook Fantastic Four

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Facebook Four

Along with an IPO in the last couple of weeks Facebook semi-quietly launched two more apps for the iPhone. With enough apps to fill a row on the iPhone, this four pronged approach reminds me of the Three Musketeers and the original Facebook app is the odd man out.

Although, I think Facebook was smart to create an app portfolio to highlight primary features.

1. Facebook

This is one of the oldest social media apps for iOS and recently one of the most highly critiqued. It is slow, feels unintuitive, and seems to change more often then Facebook does on the web. More than one tech blog recommends accessing Facebook via the iOS Safari browser instead for a smoother experience.

2. Messenger

I thought it was a great idea to create a separate Messenger app, especially since managing messages within the Facebook app is so clunky. For me this is a prime example of the potential for social media messaging to replace texts and/or email. The simplicity of Messenger is its strength as it allows you to check and compose messages and that’s it. One nice perk is that your most frequently contacted friends are at the top of the list when you open a new message.

3. Pages

It was a brilliant move to launch an app dedicated to Pages. For someone who is an admin for two Facebook pages (in addition to my personal page) it was more than a little frustrating to try and navigate around on the Facebook app and remember who I was posting as. With the Pages app it is easy to switch between accounts and all the extra bells and whistles from the Facebook app are eliminated to provide a great streamlined experience.

4. Camera

When I heard about this app last week I was more than a little skeptical, but as I played with it over the weekend it made more sense. Facebook is the #1 destination for photos on the web. Every day a bazillion photos are uploaded via internet browsers and mobile devices. Although Facebook just acquired Instagram, it’s no surprise that they had been working on a dedicated camera app. The best thing about Camera is that it pulls all the posted photos from friends in your News Feed. I like this because I get to skip all the Farmville posts and shared links.

What do you think?

Was Facebook smart to create 3 additional apps that overlap with the original? Do you use any of the Facebook apps?


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3 responses to The Facebook Fantastic Four

  1. I honestly am confused on the camera thing. I get Instagram was stealing users away from Facebook, but seriously? 1 Billion dollars and then to launch your own?

  2. I get the pages app. I actually like the camera app. But releasing a separate app for both photo sharing and messages is silly. These should be a part of the main app. The reason why to use them is because the main app is too clunky, then fix the clunky. The main FB app is pretty bad.

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