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This is probably the only Mac fanboy site not writing about the Sept 12th iPhone 5 event today, but there will be plenty of time for that next week. I even blocked out my work calendar to take an early lunch so I could follow along during the announcement.

But I digress.

Have you ever been struck by inspiration, had a sudden urge to share an idea, text a friend or post a random thought on Facebook?

While this scenario is all fine and dandy actually getting the words from your brain, through your fingers and onto the page/app before inspiration escapes is sometimes an exercise in futility.

Introducing, Drafts.

Drafts is a sweet little app designed to help you capture and share with a single tap. When Drafts launches you’re immediately greeted with a blank screen and a blinking cursor. Simply jot down your idea, compose a text message, draft an email (or tweet, blog post, etc) and then select where you want the text to go.

Drafts is integrated with Evernote, Dropbox, Sparrow, Tweetbot, Facebook, and you can forward the drafted text to a host of other apps. Drafts also supports markdown so you can even incorporate formatting into whatever you’re writing.

My favorite thing about Drafts is the simplicity. I’m a big Evernote fan, but the iOS app is frustrating. When I launch Evernote on the iPhone 99% of the time I’m trying to capture an idea or important note. I don’t want to tap up to 4 separate times before I can even start entering text.

With Drafts it’s one and done. Just tap the app and begin typing. Boom!

At $1.99 via iTunes the Drafts app is definitely worth the rescued inspiration alone.

Question: What is your favorite note-taking app?


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3 responses to Use Drafts to Capture and Share

  1. I got the iA writer app for this purpose, but I have not been impressed with its speed, and the need to title my document before I start typing. The idea I had for it was to capture quick notes on it, but I feel it was more designed for lengthy typing (which makes sense knowing its Mac App counterpart). I may have to get drafts instead now.

    • I’m an iA Writer fan as well. Like you said though I use it for long form drafting of posts.

      Drafts has been great and the export feature to Evernote, email, text, Twitter, etc is perfect.

  2. What Drafts has going for it is the speed. But that’s about it. I don’t like the design of the app and it can’t be my “notes” app since it lacks syncing via cloud. I use Simplenote for my note taking. With that said, Drafts is a sweet little app.

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