Chrome For iOS, It’s Coming [Rumor]

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It looks like Google is working on a Chrome iOS browser for the iPhone and possibly even our beloved iPad, according to an obscure Research Note.

If, as we assume, GOOG successfully introduces its Chrome browser for iOS devices, it could significantly benefit Google’s strategic and operational mobile positioning.

While this is a rumor, and a backed up one at that, it is still just a rumor. Never mind the fact that it may not even make it through the App Store approval process, nor be worth actually using.

While a Chrome addict on my Mac and even at work on the PC, I doubt i would use it on iOS.



Unless Google inks a HUGE deal with Apple replacing Safari as it’s default, or all of the super duper cool and popular apps out there replace Sarfari as the default and add Chrome as an option for internal browsing, I don’t see my using it.

This is the downside yet upside of using Safari and it being the “default” app.

What say you? Would you use Chrome in iOS?


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5 responses to Chrome For iOS, It’s Coming [Rumor]

  1. Integration is the key. There’s no way Apple will have Google Chrome as their default browser in iOS. Right now, they are trying to push Google out of their Maps app. I use Chrome on the desktop, and tab sync would be useful, but integration would ultimately be too much of a hassle for me.

  2. I agree with both of you so far, integration will probably win out and I’ll go back to Safari, but I’ll try to use Chrome for iOS. Tab and bookmark sync would help a bit and if they can keep the load time fast like they have on the desktop then I’ll give it the best try I can muster.

    If third party apps could include the ability to “Open in Chrome” like some do for Safari now that could be a big help too. Ultimately though, integration will win.

    • This is a downside for sure to how Safari has become the winner overall, but as of right now it works fine. No need to try something new.

      • Who wants to just stay with what works fine? I want innovation and advancement. I want to try something new and see if it is better. :-) If it isn’t then I can always go back, if it is better, then Apple will make safari even better than it is now.

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