Chrome For iOS Is Better Than Safari!

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Chrome for iOS hit the AppStore yesterday and I have been using it ever since!

I must admit that I am a Chrome user, a user who had used FireFox since the days of version 1. Chrome has it’s up and downs, but overall it’s less bloated and much faster than the other browsers around. When I heard it was coming to iOS, I was excited but didn’t want to get my hopes up till I tried it.

Well I have tried it, and I love it!

It runs faster, loads faster and overall is much cleaner looking than Safari. It has replaced Safari on both my iPad and iPhone!

The biggest deal for me is the well constructed workflow around tabs. Tabs are my life when using a browser and have to function well and clean. Chrome for iOS does not lack in this department. It’s intuitive right out of the gate!

Check out the screens below! Homescreen setup and more!

photo (4)

photo (5)

Can it get any better than that?

Well yes it can in my mind. The use of “sync” bookmarks has always been a must for me with a MBP, A PC (ughhh) at work, my iPhone and my iPad. I need my work (and fun) bookmarks everywhere I go!

Now I have them!

photo (2)

And look how darned clean the interface is.

This is the app to have at this moment in my mind. Now the only thing I ask is that you developers start including Chrome as an option for a default browser to launch from within your apps! If you are a JailBreaker there is an option! BrowserChooser, go check it out!

Have you downloaded Chrome yet? Get on it!

Matthew Snider

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Matthew is the Editor-In-Chief, and founder of Geek for i. He has produced such posts as Top 5 iPhone Apps For The BathroomMac or PC and many more. His love for iDevices started back when he purchased the original iPhone.

8 responses to Chrome For iOS Is Better Than Safari!

  1. I don’t believe developers are allowed to setup another browser to open when dealing with links. Nature of Apple’s beast.

    I have to say, I really like Chrome. It’s really well done with tabs and syncing (which are the greatest strengths). Speed is the same or a bit slower than Safari, but this is because it has to use Apple’s webkit engine.

    With that said, I had fun playing with it, but I don’t trust Google enough with my data and browser habits. I don’t use Gmail (well, I do have an account, but it’s not my main acct), I don’t use Google search (Duck Duck Go FTW), I don’t use Chrome at home.

    I’ll wait for iOS 6 which will have synced tabs with Safari.

    *if you think Chrome is good on iPhone, try it on iPad. So much better.

    • For me it’s a ton faster than Safari BUT I am also running iOS 6 beta 2.
      I may have to get the jailbreak tweak if your statement is true about not allowing them to choose a different browser.

      • It can’t be. Chrome is basically Safari dressed in Google’s clothing. All Google did (they were obligated to do it) was add their UI to safari’s engine. It’s a freaking Halloween ritual! :)

        Jailbreak is your only option for default browser. 

        • Chrome period is a webkit browser so it’s not the same as Safari, it has always been that way.

          As for the speed, I will try and send you a video haha. It is much faster loading,just like on my PC. Just because the abckend is the same doesn’t mean it can’t be faster.

          As for the hack, I may wait for the gold version of iOS 6 prior to jailbreaking again.

          • Yup, but Google can’t use it’s own webkit engine. They are limited to building Chrome for iOS on (the iOS supplied version of) WebKit. Safari is also built on WebKit, Which can use its Nitro JavScript engine, which is not available to outside apps. (Nitro is limited entirely to Mobile Safari or webapps saved as home screen icons on iOS 5).
            This is where Chrome is at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to speed. However, the speed difference may or may not be noticeable enough to merit a mention. 

  2. I’m a big Chrome user on the desktop and I’m glad to see a Safari alternative on iOS. Typically I load links in the 3rd party app so the inability to enable the Chrome app to open links from other apps isn’t a big dealbreaker for me.

  3. The Chrome browser runs sooo much faster for me on my iPhone 4 w/ latest released ver of iOS.  

    It is times like this that I wish Apple would let us set a default browser app and not be stuck with Mobile Safari.

    If I click on a link in an email and it opens in mobile Safari, I’m likely to just use that, since that’s what it opened. I know WHY they won’t let people change the default, they want you to use THEIR browser, but like any Desktop OS, iOS should allow you to set a default browser.  

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