Case Review: DODOcase For The iPad 2

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What can I say about my iPad 2? Well I can tell you I love the thing so much I want to protect it the right way!

From the store it left with an amazing orange Apple smart cover which I must say I loved until a buddy of mine offered up a DODOcase at an unbelievable price. Thanks to K.C.

A DODOcase for the iPad 2 is a thing of beauty. It hides your iPad 2 in a book cover. Remember those days when you used to cover your text books, well this is an amazing way to cover your ipad2 with a hardcover book.


What I like:

The beauty of this case is it’s strongest point in my eyes. I carry around a book/journal with an iPad 2 inside and can’t get enough!

The thought and love that goes into making this handmade case is a thing of sheer beauty.

The function of the case is what you would expect. It can stand in all of the standard ways a case can.

What I don’t like:

A very picky but small thing would be the adhesive surrounding the branding on the inside cover. When flipped, as it is right now as I write this post, the branding can be torn, ripped or even the annoying bent eared look.

A small price to pay for an almost perfect case!

I would honestly recommend this to anyone. The look, the feel, and the function are near perfect!

What do you think? Considering upgrading?

Matthew Snider

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Matthew is the Editor-In-Chief, and founder of Geek for i. He has produced such posts as Top 5 iPhone Apps For The BathroomMac or PC and many more. His love for iDevices started back when he purchased the original iPhone.

5 responses to Case Review: DODOcase For The iPad 2

  1. Thank you for the shout out!

    I have a DODOcase too and it’s awesome. My favorite feature is how it looks like a moleskine (which are awesome anyway) and then you open it up and… tada!… iPad 2.

    It just looks slick and professional.

  2. dod case — terrible — fragile, corners will break out at the slightest provocation, making it fairly useless. Returned mine for credit — bought a Beacon.

  3. The case is awesome to give you that “old school” traditional case…… Would be cool.

  4. Looks like a great case. I love the fact that it looks as though you are carrying an old school leather bound note pad. It’s just a little more updated inside.

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