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With nearly 50,000 tweets between the 3 writers of Geek for i it’s safe to say we’re familiar with the terrain of social media.

As an active user on Twitter it’s easy to fall into the trap of overwhelming followers with a flood of tweets including random thoughts, quotes, Instagram photos and links to solid content.

Wouldn’t it be great to spread out your tweets through the day? Sort of like a buffer so when inspiration strikes or you stumble upon a compelling article you wanted to share with the world you could easily add it to a queue?

Enter Buffer.

“Be awesome on social media. Easily add great articles, pictures and videos to your Buffer and we automagically share them for you through the day!” -Bufferapp.com

It really is that simple. You can connect your social media accounts and immediately start scheduling updates.

While the iOS app is free, the service is freemium. The free basic setup gives you 10 updates and 1 of each: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

If you are a social media ninja you may want to consider springing for an “upgrade to awesome!” which will cost $10 a month, but comes with these perks.

  • 12 social media accounts (including Facebook pages)
  • 2 team members (like if you write a blog with a staff)
  • UNLIMITED posts

I use Buffer on a daily basis and it’s been a lifesaver. With browser extensions and integration with apps like Reeder I’m able to easily schedule links to awesome blogs I follow and intriguing articles I stumble upon.

Probably the best benefit for me is that I can consolidate the time spent creating content for Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn into a matter of minutes instead of social media being a time sucker all day.

Finally, the iOS app is clean, easy to use and launches fast. Simple open the app, type whatever your heart desires, tap on the profiles you want it to publish through and done.

Give Buffer a spin and let us know what you think!

Questions: What social media channel do you NOT use? How much time do you spend daily on social media?


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My name is KC and I LOVE being a husband & dad. I am a Mac fanboy, tentblogger, MBA grad, cubicle dweller and frequent abuser of Twitter & Facebook.

2 responses to Buffer: flex your social media muscle

  1. I love me some buffer. I use it all the time to schedule tweets. I don’t use FB so much though. I do wish they gave me the option of including my own vanity URL. They only allow a bitly customized one and I don’t like bitly.

  2. I really need to get this app. I know you can also schedule on Hoot Suite, but I haven’t done that at all. Can you actually choose what time you want your tweets to go out?

    As for social media, I don’t use LinkedIn or Google+. :(

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