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7 years ago, Steve Jobs and Co. put their hope in a completely new device. The computer company designed and manufactured a mobile device that was introduced as a mobile phone, music player and internet communication device. It was an uphill battle that will have them enter a very competitive, congested and hungry industry filled with companies with deep pockets. Not to mention the constant barrage of headaches dealing with carriers. Something that Apple had never done. This device was named the iPhone.

Today, the iPhone has grown to become the world’s most important device to Apple. Not only have they succeeded in taking over the market, but they have obtained 73% of the world’s mobile operating profits (Samsung being the only other significant company making money – the others are losing money). So with so much pressure to continue outperforming the market, what does the newly released iPhone 5 bring to the market? Continue Reading…

Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 3.10.06 PM

As soon as the iPhone 5 was revealed, you heard the pundits saying that this was a mediocre update that looks exactly like the iPhone before it. They laughed it off and proceeded to mock the device throughout the internets while showing off their plastic devices with 37 inch screens and tweeting about Apple’s failed innovation.

Only in America do we call a device a disappointment when everything about it has been greatly improved. Just to put things into perspective: Continue Reading…


Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that Apple has sent out their invitations for the unveiling of their next iPhone. Most people looked at the invite and said, “cool” and went on with their lives. I didn’t! I went home and put on my discernment hat on and decided to look deep into the invitation and I think I know exactly what we will see next week.

1. iPhone 5. This is what most people are saying. However, I don’t think this is in fact the real deal. You see, this is not the iPhone 5. There have already been 5 iPhones (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S) and this would make it the 6th iPhone. So this doesn’t make sense to me. However, this is Apple and they don’t often make sense. Continue Reading…


Sent from my iPad is a series in which Moe will be using his iPad as his only machine to provide all his computing needs. Can he survive? Let’s find out!

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated when I opened up my cover of my iPad to start writing for my blogs. I knew that I had to commit fully to using the iPad as my main computer and I already missed my Macbook Air. So, after opening up iA Writer, I got down to the nitty gritty and started writing. Here are a few things that I learned while using my iPad for writing this week:

Typing is a learning game

I committed to use the iPad in its virgin estate, so no external or bluetooth keyboards were allowed. I was a nervous wreck, paying attention to where my fingers belonged and fixing typos over and over again. Then I remembered the “finger tips” pamphlet that Apple use to send inside the box of the iPhone. It said, to start “trusting” the keyboard and just let the system help you. After a while, I just started typing and not worrying about where the letters were and touch typing became easier. I still managed to make some typos but as I kept writing, the software started to recognize words more often. After a week of touch typing, I can type close to 30 words per minute making very few mistakes. It really does take a few days, but once you start doing it, you become so much better at it. Continue Reading…


Sent from my iPad is a series in which Moe will be using his iPad as his only machine to provide all his computing needs. Can he survive? Let’s find out!

I remember hearing the pundits say that the iPad is only good for comsumption. That you can’t create real work on it and it’s nothing more than a fancy toy. I put my fist to the desk and say, “How dare they say this?!” Only after calming down did I realize I was using my Macbook Air to read this.

My next reaction was to completely put away both my Mac Mini desktop and Macbook Air and go iPad only for the next 30 days. I’m convinced real work can be done with an iPad and a truly impressive river of apps can be used to get things done.
Continue Reading…

We have jobs, wives, children and friends who demand much of our time. With that comes, reports, charts, birthday gifts, phone calls, food shopping and several other things that we must do. To add insult to injury, we live in a culture that spends much of its time running around running tasks and chores.

While we all do our best to tame the beast that is our tasks list, most often they are hardwired into paper or even a homescreen. Wouldn’t it be better to have this app yell at you that you have something to do in specific locations?

I have tried to use the Reminders app on the iPhone (and now OSX Mountain Lion), but I find it to be very inconsistent and very user-unfriendly. Sometimes the app ignores my locations, other times it takes too long to enter a task and it’s frustrating.  Continue Reading…


I am a productivity nut! I basically live and die on GTD (Getting Things Done) together with my calendar and Omnifocus (my productivity app of choice). It’s the only way I can keep control of my busy life. My biggest challenge was trying to use my iPhone for more than playing Angry Birds and sharing photos via Instagram.

“Do or Do Not, There is No Try” — Jedi Master Yoda

One of the foundations of productivity is getting organized based on actions (doing). If I put “milk” in my to-do list, I look at it, and even though I know I have to pick up milk, there is no “action” that tells my brain “DO”. It always helps to associate a task with a verb.