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At our house, Netflix is something the kids love and know. The iPad is also that has turned into a learning tool and media consumption iDevice for the kids. While the Netflix app on the iPad is great for the wife and I, the covers on DVDs these days are not children safe by any stretch of the imagination!

Finding true kid appropriate content on any device, TV Channel or movie these days comes with lots of looking around. Well Netflix is trying to fix that! Enter Netflix “Just for Kids”. The button in the upper left corner is all we need! Continue Reading…


So I woke up this AM as I do every other morning, to that annoying strum from my iPhone at 6am. Yes 6am is the only time I can get up and not have my three little girls jumping up and down on me!

Anyway, my wife kept pushing me to turn off the alarm, and come to find out, my iPhone 4 was stuck on a activation screen. Hmmmm

I turned off the phone and fell back asleep. Continue Reading…


So some of you out there have had the iPhone 5 now for a few days. Well is it worth it?

The LTE? The updated processor? The new camera? The size, the color, the backing? Continue Reading…

Do You Have Your iPhone 5 Yet?

Are You Upgrading To The iPhone 5?


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It’s an early Saturday morning and I’m working hard at brewing my perfect cup of coffee I glance at my Things app and see that I have some bills to pay and a checkbook to balance. I grab my cup of Joe and head over to my iPad. “It’s time to wave goodbye to my money!”, I say.

Balancing Your Checkbook

I personally use MoneyWiz as my personal financing app of choice. I’ve tried a lot of apps available. In fact, when I look at my apps records, I have tried 6 finance apps which I no longer use. Moneywiz is a good looking app with a sweet syncing system. You can pull reports from your accounts in full-screen, set and monitor budgets and even remind you of upcoming bills. The only downside to it is that you can’t have automatic updates to your account via your bank. You have to import your numbers from your bank or enter the details yourself. I actually prefer it this way as it gives me more control and helps me understand where there is a leak in my budget. Also, the app has a cool little calculator in the lower left side that pops up as you are managing your checkbook. It’s a sweet little gesture that helps when you need to do some quick math. Continue Reading…


Our friend Jonathan (and sponsor) over at came to us the other day with a deal that we could not pass up!

For our beloved readers, you all, we have an chance to win some style for your iPad.

Jonathan is offering up winner’s choice of two pretty sweet iPad cases. As the winner you can pick from either the Denim Portfolio Case (seen above) or the Brief Case. It’s your call, your color, your case.

All you have to do is enter to win! Continue Reading…