Photos of Apple’s New 3D Map App Leaked From iOS 6

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With our earlier piece today about the leaked iPhone 5 images, comes another wave of rumors surrounding Apple’s lates iOS installment, iOS6.

iOS6 is something we here at Geekfori are super excited about and even joined Apple’s developer account to grab the beta versions early.

BGR has broke the story on one of the cool new apps that Apple is supposedly coming out with, 3D maps. The Google Maps app, one of the least used on my phone, has been rumored to be replaced by an in house Apple app.

Seems like Google isn’t doing so well lately and should stick to the ad game!

Today, BGR released photos of what it claims to be Apple’s new Maps app that is rumored to be released with iOS6 later this year.


The image above is a mock-up of what BGR believes Apple’s new Maps app will look like. To see the actual pictures of the supposed app, visit BGR’s website.

According to BGR’s “trusted source,” the color scheme of the navigation bar is silver and the photos won’t be so grainy! But what this does tell us is that a possible change in color around all of iOS6, to silver, may be coming.

BGR describes the 3D map access as having to “peel back the lower right corner of the maps, just like the current version.” Users will also be able to switch in and out of 3D mode by taping a 3D icon in the lower left corner.

While nothing to exciting to start the rumor mill on iOS6, my main excitement comes with the possible change from black to silver in the GUI.

Are you looking forward to iOS6 and the possible changes it may bring? Do you even use the maps app?

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