I worked at Apple for 2 minutes

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Apple-EmployeesThis weekend I went to the local Apple store and while I waited at the counter for assistance someone tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around a mom with a stroller asked me to help her find a cord so that she could watch videos from her iPhone/iPad on a TV. Looking a little confused I told her that I wasn’t an Apple employee, but I pointed her to the section where the composite AV cable was located.

When I turned around and faced the Apple employee helping me out I realized what confused the lady. I was wearing a blue shirt with a white logo and jeans almost identical to the Apple store “uniform”, sans the nifty lanyard name tag of course. I told the Apple employee what happened and we both had a good laugh at my expense.

As I left the store I realized the mom hadn’t found the cord so I grabbed it and brought it over to her. She was relieved to have some help and apologized for mistaking me for an Apple employee. I told her no apology was necessary.

Even though I couldn’t support my family on a hourly retail job, I was actually honored to be thought an Apple employee, if only for a few minutes. Plus the discount would be pretty awesome.

Has someone ever mistaken you for an employee? Would you work at an Apple store?


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3 responses to I worked at Apple for 2 minutes

  1. And right now, there’s some mom in Seattle trying to connect their iPad to their TV with a MagSafe Power Adapter. ;) J/K, I’m sure you got her set up just as well as an actual employee. :)

  2. maybe you could get a weekend job there, you know, for the discount.

    when i was a teenager, i applied for a restaurant job. when i went in for the interview an older lady thought i worked there and asked me for help with something. i helped her, but didn’t get the job. it taught me a valuable lesson: never help anyone.


  3. I try to make it a point to not wear a blue t-shirt when I’m going to the Apple store for that very reason. ;)

    Although, while waiting to be processed I have definitely helped out a few non-tech-savvy customers with their questions. It feels good to help others!

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