App Review: Ireland’s Greatest One Liners

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App Review: Ireland’s Greatest One Liners

You ever have the need to give a witty statement about life that would make others stop, think, and laugh? Do you want to place in an Irish context especially on St. Patrick’s Day or in your local tavern?

Ireland’s Greatest One Liners promises to deliver Irish wit and humor to your iPad and iPhone for all to enjoy. I sat down with this app for a night of entertainment and education in Irish humor. Did it deliver?

What I Liked about this App:

This app is not complicated and it’s easy to start dispensing the humor as soon as it loads up. You can choose from up to 48 sound bites to listen to. The local Irish character ‘Sean’ dispenses his knowledge with an Irish accent for your enjoyment. You can select from a list of one-liners or a randomly chosen one from the available library. If you didn’t hear what Sean said, a repeat button is readily available.

What I Didn’t Like about this App:

Not all of the sayings Sean dispenses are funny to me, but I suppose depending on the context of the night, you might find them humorous.

Selecting a saying from the LIST view could be hit or miss as the context of the saying was not immediately apparent from the three word previews taken from the start of the saying… If you wanted to find something specific and you just remembered the last part of the saying, you might search 47 sound bites before you found the right one. Also once in the LIST view the only way to return to the main menu is to select a saying for Sean to say.

If this app is to be shared in a bar or a noisy environment, there is no way to ready the text of the one-liner unless you find a quiet bathroom stall or quickly step outside to listen to what Sean had to say. Be sure to have a repertoire of excuses to step out to listen to Sean and refresh your memory until you can recite them without his help.

The app, as reviewed, had only 24 of the one-liners available and it felt a bit limited in replay value, for an addition purchase you can upgrade to the full 48 to extend the entertainment value.


I can see how it might be a fun app if you are in an entertaining or social environment where quotes and sayings will be used to get a quick smile or laugh. For home entertainment use, its use is limited and could loose its value quickly.

Either way you look at this Ireland’s Greatest One Liners, it has a narrow focus on where it can be used and for how long it would be entertaining to refer to.

I don’t think the average home user would find this app useful, but to a person who fancies being the point of social entertainment in an Irish Setting or needs a quick Irish saying, this might be for you.


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  1. Delightful review, and just in time for Saint Patty’s Day. I think it would get a laugh or two out of work colleagues and a circle of friends. Thanks for the review.

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