And So It Begins

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As a kid growing up I hated a lot of different foods. I gave a LOT of food to my dog and waited hours before my parents would give in. I didn’t win much but when I did, I was so proud of myself.

I have grown into a strick Meatatarian (full on meat eater who hates almost all veggies), leaving behind a bad example for my kids.

So sitting at lunch the other day, my oldest was fighting eating one grape. One freaking grape. She says she cannot swallow them, so she eats the middle out and spits out the skin.

So I made the choice to sit with her till she ate a full grape, skin and all.

An hour later and 4 grapes, she finally ate a full grape skin and all. And she didn’t die!

What are you fighting with God about? What are you holding onto?

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16 responses to And So It Begins

  1. My parents used to do the same thing with me…They always won!

  2. I’m having a hard time getting my kids to eat veggies too. I don’t blame them, they are ugly colors and don’t taste as good as a piece of steak. LOL.

    I’m fighting God with some things that need to change in my life. So frustrating. I know it’s for my good.

    • Honestly, broccoli is the last thing on earth I would eat. I have tired it every which way, covered in things and nothing but nasty!!

      But a grape, seriously!! Come on kid!

  3. I read “4 hours later” at first, and was like.. holy… you’ve got some iron-willed kids, and some crazy patience! lol

    Ask me this question 4 years ago and I’d have said I was fighting with patience in what God’s doing in my life. Now, not so much because I realized God’s plan and timing are perfect, and I am not.

  4. My oldest recently went through this phase where she’s holding stuff in, you know, not dropping the kids off at the pool. Don’t know if I could sit with her for 4 hours, though. :)

    Im thankful that she has since moved pasted that stage. :)

  5. You have resolve of steel, my friend!

    I’m a meatatarian too. Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse. If you haven’t, you need to find one. You will feel like you died and went to meat heaven.

    • I honestly go to one at least once a month to make myself sick of eating meat wrapped meat!! A filet, medium wrapped in out of this world bacon!!

      Love Fogo De Chao!

  6. Hilarious! Our son will be 25 so I’ve replaced him with a 10-week-old golden retriever. She has a pretty indomitable spirit (and we had a choice to get her meeker sister–that choice may return to bite us in the future).

    Appreciate the humorous image you’ve left me with today.–Tom

  7. I’m a hearty meat eater as well, but I don’t necessarily hate veggies. That being said my daughter is not a fan of vegetables and we have a hard time getting her to eat green stuff.

    Bananas are okay though. Phew.

    Right now I’m just trying to get back into reading the bible regularly and hold my resources (time and energy) with open hands.

  8. I had this with school dinners.

    Once a week we had blancmange – I hated it then I still do today (at almost 48). The battle was always “If you don’t eat it you can’t go and play”.

    I never played but I also never ate that foul slimy stuff known as blancmange. It even got to the point where I was made to sit under the table and my parents were summoned to discuss my “unruly” behaviour at lunch!!! What, once a week for one product! Too bad for the teachers as my parents supported me in this fight.

    As to your question – my fight has to be what I’m doing with my life and trying to wrestle sense out of what I’m hearing from God.

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