Amazon vs Apple: Content Competition

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Last week Amazon announced their refreshed Kindles including a new HD tablet that is closer in size to the iPad. Even as an avid Apple advocate I have to admit that Amazon’s progress with the Kindle Fire product line impressed me

Amazon will never be an iPad killer. Only Apple can do that. However, I’m glad Amazon continues to innovate and invest in the tablet market because competition fosters innovation. The Kindle Fire could not have existed without the iPad and without the iPhone we’d all still be stick with a Motorola RAZR.

One reason I think Amazon even stands a chance of going toe-to-toe with Apple is their content ecosystem.

Amazon has wisely avoided innovating in a vacuum. Instead of being a closed system (like Apple) they have embraced other platforms and have apps for both iOS and Android. Amazon’s ability to deliver content to the consumer regardless of whether the device is Amazon branded or not enables them to remain a player in the tablet market where other hardware companies have failed.

The Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ model boasts some impressive features

  • 1920×1200 resolution (though not Retina quality)
  • Dolby dual stereo speakers
  • Two Wifi antennas with dual band support
  • Free access to a wide array of content (via Amazon Prime)
  • Buy once, enjoy everywhere (across Xbox, Apple & Amazon devices)
  • X-ray and WhisperSync for books, movies and games
  • FreeTime parental controls with multiple profiles

Again, I don’t think the Kindle Fire HD is an iPad killer, but the price and features will give consumers more options and provide Apple an incentive to up their game for the next iPad (mini or otherwise).

Question: What do you think of Amazon’s Kindle products?


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2 responses to Amazon vs Apple: Content Competition

  1. Have you seen the UI and sluggishness of these new devices? Laughable. I bet if Amazon had purchased Palm and used the WebOS on its tablets we would have a real competitor. As long as they stay with shitty Android, you can expect crappy OS with sluggish scrolling and issues all around.

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