Accessory Review: Smart Cover for iPad 2

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While I really like my DODOcase  this Christmas I asked Santa for a blue Smart Cover for my iPad 2. Unfortunately, the red-suited fat man let me down, but my dad did not disappoint. After using the Smart Cover for a few days I can say that it does not disappoint either.

If you received an iPad 2 from Jolly Old Saint Nick you might be wondering what route to go regarding protection. Most people want to enjoy the beautiful aesthetic of the iPad’s design while ensuring it doesn’t shatter when dropped or otherwise get scratched or damaged by dirt.

The Apple Smart Cover does not offer bulletproof protection, but (like all Apple products) is well designed, sleek and versatile.

Two of my favorite features are the folded typing position (which I’m using now to draft this post) and the screenlock. By merely lifting or closing the flap you can wake up the iPad or send it into sleep mode.

Do you use a cover or case for your iPad?

P.S. Regardless of whether or not you use a case/cover I highly recommend a screen protector. I use the invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG and its fantastic.


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7 responses to Accessory Review: Smart Cover for iPad 2

  1. Nice – I’m waiting for the iPad3 – hopefully by February 24th like some sites have said… I’ll then be buying some protection for mine…

  2. I rock the Black Leather Smart Cover on my iPad 2. I love it.

  3. I have a gray one. Love it.

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