“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”
-Simon Sinek


We are Matthew and KC, two avid Mac fans who want to share our passion for technology with you.

Each of us own multiple Apple devices and frequently answer the call for “Help!” when family & friends need tech support.

Geek for i is our blog dedicated to living in an iWorld and growing a community with others who love all things i. We write about relevant Apple news, iDevice tips & tricks, how-to guides, app & product reviews and the implications of a Mac-integrated life.

Our goal is to create valuable content and share practical knowledge from living and working with Apple products every day. Whether your a new Mac convert (welcome to the dark side) or a seasoned fanboy, you’ll find Geek for i a place to learn something new and join in the discussion about innovative products.

We tend to write 4-5 days a week and offer giveaways at least once a month. To stay on top of our latest posts you can subscribe via RSS, email or follow us on Facebook or Pinterest.


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Geek for i sits on top of the best publishing software out there, WordPress and is built on a very customized version of Standard Theme. Matthew does all of the customizations and our site is hosted by MediaTemple via Koderdesigns.



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And you can find us personally on Twitter @MatthewfSnider & @ThatGuyKC.

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  1. I love that Simon Sinek quote.

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