Top 5 Handmade iPad Cases

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Here at Geek for i, we are in love with our iDevices. We want to keep them looking pretty but without hiding all of the work that Apple has done in their manufacturing and design.

With that said, we have given away and reviewed a chunk of some pretty awesome iPad cases. There are hundreds of cases, there are different styles and even thousands of color choices. Does it have a camera hole? Does it have a built in stand?

The options are limitless, but we wanted to cover what we thought were some of the best handmade cases out there.

Hit the jump for our list of the Top 5 Handmade iPad Cases. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Etsy!

Turbocharged iPad Case


The Turbocharged iPad sleeve from designer Antje Schmitt pushes all of my buttons. The minimalistic yet detailed sleeve is a winner in my eyes. The darker brown, distressed leather look is such a hot item right now. The Yellow/Orange band just adds enough color to make this one of my favorite items on our list today!

This sleeve is handmade in Germany and includes a magnet to keep the sleeve closed comfortably around your iPad. As with all handmade things, Antje will take requests along with size differences! Order away, whats stopping you!

Picasolab HD iPad Case


Slick, sleek and sexy! What more do you need? This handmade bad boy is so awesome! Picasolab has created a “portfolio” sleeve that makes you look so cool. Isn’t that the point?

The darker blue hued leather with the great pop of red threading! This is a must have in your collection! I know it will be mine!

Want a little more protection? This is the case for you – straight from Picasolab -

Over 92% of Ipad’s scratches and dents occurred from drops and bumps to the outer edge of the Ipad. I developed and patented a technique to strengthen the outer edge of our cases by 500%

Juan Valdez iPad Sleeve


Like coffee? Is your name Juan, well then you have to have this sleeve. This is a handmade sleeve that comes in “sack” form. The beauty of this is the simplistic approach and use of a Coffee Sack.

It’s creativity like this that just matches the beauty of the iDevice you have learned to love. Protect it in fashion with this badboy.

Strong, durable protection for your iPad 2. Made from reused jute coffee bag–so each bag is original & has a different look. Works well both for protecting your iPad within a pack or on its own.

Paul Bunyan iSockit iPad Sleeve


Blythe is one of my favorite designers on Etsy and I have fought hard, but lost in purchasing one of her covers for my Macbook Pro 13 inch. The use of  vintage fabrics is shear brilliance and you can tell your iDevice will truly be loved in this design.

Why not sport an old vintage shirt around your iPad. You will be the talk of Starbucks (or the coffeee shop you frequent) with this case. I know I have been with my Macbook Pro.

Fits the new iPad 3! Vintage fabric iPad case handmade by Blythe King. Made from a well-worn pair of vintage herringbone denim shop coveralls, wiith railroad buttons. Accommodates iPad 2 with Smart Cover, also fits original iPad.

Blythe can be found online at

Aixa Sobin Leather Case


Last but not least, this distressed leather satchel is a favorite of mine. Simple yet stylish, this is an iPad sleeve I would recommend.

Ipad sleeve/envelope/ case in hand stitched in muddled brown
beautiful rustic strong American leather. The perfect leather for an Ipad case.
Sewn with spring green thread
Comes with buckle closure in brass antique
fits Ipad old and new generation.
Has all the portal openings to charge and plug in ear plugs without taking it out of the case

The “belt buckle” look is super cool and simple and will definitely draw the eyes your way.

Have you gone handmade for your iDevice? I have gone handmade and probably won’t go back. The only device left that is naked is my precious iPhone.

Matthew Snider

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Matthew is the Editor-In-Chief, and founder of Geek for i. He has produced such posts as Top 5 iPhone Apps For The BathroomMac or PC and many more. His love for iDevices started back when he purchased the original iPhone.

4 responses to Top 5 Handmade iPad Cases

  1. That Turbocharged case looks stunning. I would be a little worried about the magnets holding the iPad in the case though, not sure of the strength of them and all. I’m pretty anal about my devices though and how they are carried (especially by the kids) and how I handle them too. I’m overprotective of my Apple products though, just ask the family. :-)

    • If I actually carried my iPad with me I would grab one of these badboys. Since my iPad has been stolen for homeschooling, this type of gift is no longer a reality :-)

  2. Where could I possibly find the last one? It’s so beautiful, I’m a huge fan of the worn and distressed leather look.

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