4 Essential iPad Accessories

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Alright, so you’ve finally joined the ranks of Apple fandom and got yourself an iPad. Welcome to the dark side. We’ve cookies and unicorn tears on tap.

Don’t worry, no unicorns were harmed. They cried tears of joy that you have an(other) iDevice.

Now that you’re sporting a fancy tablet it’s time to protect your new toy and trick it out.

1. Protective Screen

There is a reason I listed this first. I didn’t even take my iPad out of the box until I had a protective screen to put on the front. A protective screen does just that, it “protects” the iPad from scratches, fingerprints and dirt. Zagg has one of the best.

2. Case or Cover

I prefer notebook type cases like DODOcase or Portenzo. Other folks go for a streamlined shell option like Speck or even just a Smart Cover from Apple. Whatever your preference I highly recommend a case/cover of some kind. Beyond the added protection most offer alternative viewing angles that come in handy when using the iPad on your lap or a flat surface.

3. Stylus

Regardless of whether you use the iPad as a productivity or gaming device, a stylus comes in handy. I picked up a cheap one by Just Mobile that works fine, but two of the more popular are Bamboo and Griffin. Personally, I’ve got my eye on the Cosmonaut. From the reviews I’ve read it’s the best stylus yet.

4. Keyboard

I’ve tried to use the on-screen keyboard for the iPad and it’s too cumbersome for my bulky fingers. I can’t type nearly as fast and end up getting frustrated. Not the best experience for a daily user. However, a bluetooth keyboard has made all the difference. I’ve got the Apple branded one and it works great for writing email, drafting blog posts or taking notes.

What about you?

Any recommendations for these 4 categories?
What other iPad accessories do you suggest? 


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3 responses to 4 Essential iPad Accessories

  1. Have you found a way to carry the Apple keyboard with the iPad that you like? I’d love to find a good case that carries both but I just can’t seem to find one that looks stylish and functional. I love using the Apple keyboard with my iPad, the full size is perfect and I use it all day at work with my iMac so it is something that I’m used to using. Just can’t crack the nut of traveling with both of them well.

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