3 Tips For Optimizing RSS Feeds With FeedBurner

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You have seen it, you know what it is, but how do you get the most of it. Feedburner, from Google, is a great service but there are some small learning curves that must be learned to get the full on potential of the service setup.

I want to go over two ways to speed up the publishing of your feed and then 5 tips to optimize your feed without doing much after the intial setup.

So those of you who do not what Feedburner does, it delivers your feed in an all encompassing manner to the RSS readers of the folks who visit your website.

With the above said, this is a must have for anyone who blogs. This is a surefire way to get your content out to the masses in a timely manner.

There are some small caveats though when it comes to speed. Feedburner has been known to take priority on larger sites than on us small fries. With that said I have two tips for you running a blog to look into.

Tip number one to make your feeds publish out to Feedburner a bit faster comes in the form of a plugin. WP Pubsubhubbub is a great plugin that utilizes a newer technology to help push your content to Feedburner to beat that 30 minute refresh/read time that Feedburner has.

Here is a little bit more about what Pubsubhubbub actually does for you and your feed.

Implements a Pubsubhubbub Real Time Publisher informing Planet Earth of your updates now, not later!

It’s that easy, install the plugin and forget it. It will push to Google Reader much faster than waiting on Feedburner to do it.

Tip number two is directly related to Feedburner itself. Within Feedburner there are serveral tools, which we will go over below, but one of the more important ones is the Pinging of Feedburner. This is a must have bookmark in my eyes.

Just the other day I noticed that here at Geek for Him my feeds were arriving hours later to your readers. How did I know this? Well I checked Feedburner to see what the last post was. Pinging Feedburner is a tool to actually say, “Hey did you forget about me” and to the Feedburner to read your RSS Feed right away instead of waiting.

Now on to my 3 tips on how to Optimize Your Feed for your readers. (Disclaimer, this is NOT rocket science!)

1. Email Timing : One of the best things to have via Feedburner is readers via Email. With that said, you need to set it up to Email your readers. You can setup anytime you want, but the best time, in my eyes, would be maybe an hour or so after publishing your latest post. I will be posting about setting specific times of posting later. Within Feedburner you go to Publicize –> E-Mail Subscriptions –> Delivery Options for timed settings.

2. Saying “Thank You”: A thank you is always a good thing in life. It can go a very long way! To activate this feature in Feedburner, Go to Optimize tab of FeedBurner dashboard, click Browser Friendly under Services and enable PersonalMessage. Enter the personalized message and you are good to go!

3. Add FeedFlare to your RSS : This is an easy way for your readers to share your content with others via your feed directly. Again, another set it and forget it setting. Go to Optimize –> FeedFlare and select the options you want your readers to have to share. DON’T overwhelm them with choices. Make it simple and clean.

It is that easy. 3 Tips For Optimizing RSS Feeds With Feedburner. Do you have any other settings that you sneak into your feeds?

Matthew Snider

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Matthew is the Editor-In-Chief, and founder of Geek for i. He has produced such posts as Top 5 iPhone Apps For The BathroomMac or PC and many more. His love for iDevices started back when he purchased the original iPhone.

13 responses to 3 Tips For Optimizing RSS Feeds With FeedBurner

  1. Wow, I was clueless about 1 & 2. I just added both of those to my feed. I had #3 setup already.

    Great tips!

  2. Great tips!

    I just made some changes to my feed. I love the “Thank-You” idea!


  3. I think i’ll be using FeedBurner after this! I like how ways can be found around possibly anything – such as with the delayed refresh rate etc.

  4. Do people still use RSS readers? I did about 3 years ago…

    • So what do you use now? What do you rely on to get updated on the news? Facebook or Twitter? For me I don’t have time to maintain Facebook so that is out for Geek for Him. Twitter may be on the way out also.

      Very interested in what you use.

      • Well, nothing to be honest. I just don’t have the time to read tons of blogs anymore. So, I have about 5 that I just check somewhat regularly.

        I’m just wondering if anyone else got tired of reading tons of blogs and narrowed it down to a few or if I’m the only one. I know I’m missing out on tons of great content, I just don’t have the time to keep up with everything.

        Also, I had a question about Feedburner. How do you know if your subscribers actually are reading your content? I mean, it’s great to have 100 or even 1,000 subscribers, but if they don’t click on the link to your site, is there any way to know what percentage are reading your blog?

        PS – you are on my “short” list! :)

        • I have around 60 on my list but its related to differing things across the board. I use my iPhone to do most of my reading so I actually do read them all eventually throughout the day.

          As for Feedburner, you can tell from your stats where they come from. Google Analytics and Church Analytics both show you referrers and direct hits.

  5. Interesting tips. Honestly, I had no clue. Thanks Matthew.

  6. Matthew, this was a God send.
    I am three months into blogging and haven’t had the time or desire to figure all this out on my own.
    You writing is easy to understand…not like other pages that talk over your head.
    Thank you so much!
    BTW, your little girls are adorable!

  7. my feed still takes around 12 hrs to update no idea why yet

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